Historical Background: -
   The unit in its beginnings was a unit of the financial department, and was called .... and depends entirely on the financial department employee and the recommendation of the Controller was created a unit known .... Administratively followed by the agent /agent.
Finally, at the recommendation of Mr./Agent for the year 1916,a unit was established for administrative and financial control ....... In the framework of the establishment and training has been lifted the statute of the Department to be approved and approved at the level of executive management and now ......... The branches and their departments will be released after the leave.

   The Financial and Administrative Control Department shall carry out its functions through:
1.Administrative control: It aims to ensure the implementation of administrative decisions and contribute to the submission of proposals to make appropriate amendments to the regulations.
2.Financial control: It aims to ensure the safety of financial matters and to test the accuracy and follow-up of disbursements according to the financial procedures of the regulations and regulations of the university.
3.Electronic Control: Follow-up and supervision of all salaries and wages (Chapter I) of the financial and administrative system, in coordination with the departments of the complexes and the bank, and the various units.

   Training and activities of the department or unit:
1.The Financial Control Department performs its role through a group of experienced auditors, all of whom have been trained in advance,before joining the financial and administrative control.
2. Payroll (electronic) department through holding training courses.